Founded on March 13, 2019, our company has roots that stretch back to the entrepreneurial spirit of our forebears, who started from a small workshop and dedicated themselves to the craft of traditional printing and manual resin dropping. Over decades, this foundation has blossomed into a business that values tradition while embracing innovation.
Today, we stand at the forefront of our industry, having integrated cutting-edge technology such as digital fast printers, digital cutting machines, and automatic resin dropping equipment into our production process. These advancements allow us to deliver products of exceptional quality with greater speed, thereby meeting our clients' needs more efficiently and effectively.
At our core, we are a team of 10 professionals operating out of a 292 square meter facility, where tradition meets technology. With an annual transaction volume ranging between 1.01 to 5 million, we are dedicated to growth and excellence in everything we do.
As someone who prefers the company of machines and the quiet of the factory floor to social gatherings and networking, I've always believed in the power of hard work and integrity. Our mission is to earn our clients' trust through sheer dedication and to foster growth and prosperity alongside our customers and employees.
Join us in our journey of continuous improvement and commitment to quality. Together, we can achieve greatness.