Wenzhou Sanying Label Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of epoxy resin stickers. Our roots trace back to several decades ago when our parents started as a small workshop. Over the years, we have maintained traditional printing methods combined with manual dripping techniques. With the advent of modern technology, such as digital printing machines, digital cutting machines, and automatic dripping machines, we have enhanced our production efficiency and product quality.

      As individuals who prefer solitude over social gatherings, we eschew networking and prefer to dedicate ourselves to our factory. Our commitment lies in earning customer trust through our efforts and technological advancements. We aspire to grow alongside our customers by continuously innovating and improving ourselves. Additionally, we prioritize the development and prosperity of our employees, believing that the success of the company should be shared by all.

At Wenzhou Sanying Label Co., Ltd., we look forward to partnering with you to create a brighter future together!