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The proof is your opportunity to verify the details of your domed label order before we start production. We will use your approved proof as the official document detailing design specifications. Approving the proof tells us that the information is 100% accurate and that you want DomeTag to produce the design exactly as specified on the proof. A digital proof will be available for you to review on our website typically within 24 hours of your order being submitted (excluding weekends and holidays). You also have the option to receive a physical proof for a nominal fee.

Digital Proofs: A digital proof is not necessarily an accurate color reproduction of your printed domed label piece as the colors on your desktop monitor, portable device or color printer will often misrepresent colors and will not correctly show clear or metallic backgrounds. If you have color-critical work where a high level of color accuracy is required, you must order domed samples to ensure accuracy.

You can make changes after seeing a proof and then receive another proof to confirm those changes. Starting on the fourth proof, we will estimate graphic art and color-matching time at a rate of $60 per hour.

Physical proofs are recommended for color-critical designs and all new jobs over $10,000. Physical proofs are printed on our digital press, cut to size and domed with urethane to show the final product as close to completed production as possible. Physical proofs are made at a nominal cost and will extend the production start time and must be requested at the time an order is placed. Physical proofs usually ship within 3 business days.

File Setup: We take great pride in checking the details of every design to see that your file is set-up correctly. If your file requires more time than usual, we will notify you with an estimated setup cost. We charge $60 per hour if we need to work on the file longer than 15 minutes and we will obtain your permission prior to charges. Please verify the following details before sending your file:

– Spelling, grammar and numbers
– Graphic, logo or design elements
– Label width, height and shape
– Sufficient bleed and inner margin
– When possible, specify Pantone colors

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