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Seven-Color Printing

Our domed labels print quality and color range is superior to most other labels available (domed or undomed). This is because we use six-color digital printing (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Orange, White, and Green) unlike most printers who only use four-color digital printing (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black). Our seven-color, digital printing capability allows us to more accurately print a larger range of the color spectrum while also having smoother color gradations. In addition to printing more vivid colors, our press prints with higher resolution to ensure that your graphics are clean and sharp which is vital when producing small graphics such as the ® of a registration mark.

DomeTag offers vibrant colors


Smooth gradations for photo-realistic domes


White Ink Printing

In addition to six-color printing, DomeTag offers white ink printing that is often necessary when dome labels include clear or metallic graphics. Typically, a label with a metallic print surface will only allow for a metallic version of colors. For example, an orange color on metallic will create a metallic gold look. However, DomeTag can print white ink behind the orange color to create a brilliant orange instead of gold. Similarly, with clear labels, if white ink isn’t printed prior to the color, you end up with a color that is dull and translucent instead of vibrant and opaque. DomeTag’s ability to print white allows for full graphic freedom to create whatever look you want to

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UV Resistance

Another important consideration for domed labels is the UV resistance (colorfast, fade resistance) of the printed graphic as domed labels are frequently exposed to outdoor conditions. Over 95% of the printing industry is geared towards printing for indoors (magazines, books, packaging labels, etc.) where UV resistance isn’t a concern. Printing for outdoor applications requires special pigmented inks and special printing equipment made to handle pigmented inks. DomeTag specializes in just domed labels so all printing equipment is specifically for outdoor applications including pigmented, UV-resistant inks.

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