Elephant Snot Adhesive 废弃

Rough Textured Surfaces

Elephant Snot vs Competitor's Adhesive


Elephant Snot and Standard Adhesive

Elephant Snot Adhesive
Textured · Curved · Porous
Standard Adhesive
Smooth · Flat

Tack & Peel Strength

Tack is a measure of the initial attraction of the adhesive. According to the ASTM D 2979 standard, very low tack ranges from 0 to 100 grams per square centimeter (g/sq.cm), while low tack is up to 400 per g/sq.cm. Medium to medium-high tack ranges from 401 to 700 g/sq.cm, while high to very high tack ranges from 701 to more than 801 g/sq.cm.
Peel readings are taken at angles of 90 degrees, and 180 degrees; to measure the force required to overcome an adhesive bond. According to the ASTM D 903 standard, very low to low peel is 0 to 34 ounces per inch (oz/in), while medium to medium-high peel is 35 to 74 oz/in. High to very high peel is 75 to more than 95 oz/in. Elephant Snot adhesive is 121 oz/in.
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